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How to Find Your Zen This Summer

KatchMe Team

Posted on June 22 2019

 This summer we're all about high vibes and living our best lives! While we can't wait for the pool parties and barbecues, we think summer is also perfect for that much needed down time. Read on to find out how we're planning to find our zen this summer!

1. Meditation

There's countless studies that show we'd all be a little happier with regular meditation. Whether you spend ten minutes or two hours, you can benefit from improved mental health, reduced stress and high vibes every day!

2. Joining a yoga class

If like us, the thought of hanging out in a sweaty gym is less than appealing, joining a yoga class is the perfect way to stay healthy and keep moving over summer. You might even make some new friends along the way!

3. Staying Hydrated

We know you've heard it all before but drinking water is not a myth! Staying hydrated has benefits you just can't argue with including, weight loss, clear skin and most importantly a clear mind.


4. KonMari your space

Still got a box of your ex's stuff bringing you down every time you open your wardrobe? It might be time to evaluate if your space truly "sparks joy"! Nothing feels better than a clean space so open the windows, turn up your favourite playlist and get tidying!


5. Enjoying the outdoors

The weather is finally co-operating making summer the perfect time to enjoy being outdoors. Whether you're on the beach soaking up some sun or laying on a picnic blanket in the park, spending time in nature will leave you feeling grounded and peaceful for the rest of your day.

There you have it! However you're spending your summer, we know these tips are sure to help you find the ultimate zen! You know what else is totally therapeutic? A good shop! Treat yourself to a self-care day and shop our New In!

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