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5 Things All Besties Have In Common

KatchMe Team

Posted on July 30 2019

It's International Friendship Day and here at Katch Me HQ, we're taking time to appreciate all the things we love about our besties! There are just some things that only you and your closest gals do together so we're running through the 5 things all besties have in common! Do you agree?

1. Girl that's our jam!

You have that one song that makes you break out into dancing, wherever you are!

2. Keepin' it real

You're always completely (sometimes brutally) honest with each other but you both know it's all love!

3. Always clowning!

You bring out each other's silly side! There's never a moment you can't be found together giggling in a corner. The inside jokes are endless!


4. You better work, B*!

You know each other's best angles and always ensure you both look totally flawless when getting that "totally candid" shot for Insta! 

5. Just a phone call away!

When one of you has a bad day, the other is always ready with the essentials to cheer you up!


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