International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day we want to share with you our top 5 women to follow on social media.


Influencer Sophie Lee is one of our faves to follow on the 'gram.
After surviving a fire incident, Sophie has become an advocate for beauty being only skin deep. We are loving how she is using her platform to spread those positive vibes.
International Women’s Day


Aside from the fact that she is absolute GOALS, we love how Maya isn't afraid to keep it real and remind us all that it's not always as glam as it looks on the 'gram.

International Women’s Day


 After bringing out her cyberbullying documentary she has become a huge inspiration to us all. Jesy has really taught us the importance of simply being kind, especially on social media. 

International Women’s Day


Since appearing on Love Island Malin has made a name for herself as a mental health advocate and body Confidence activist. After suffering the loss of her mum and her baby girl, Malin is a true inspiration and is the perfect example of a strong woman. 

International Women’s Day


Jameela is one of our top social media role models for her IWeigh campaign. The campaign focuses on weighing yourself based on your successes, and things you are thankful for, rather than what the scales tell you. Jameela we are here for it!

International Women’s Day

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