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Katch Me’s Guide To: Prepping for Love Island

Alex KM

Posted on June 03 2019

The day is finally here babe: Love Island starts tonight! In case you didn’t know, Love Island is not just a T.V programme but more like a lifestyle choice for the duration of Summer. There are several steps to take before you can commit to the latest season and our guide will get you through them all!

Step One: Clear Your Social Calendar
Love Island starts tonight at 9pm and is on every day till the 29th July (unless, like last year, they extend our time with the villa). This only means one thing; your social calendar must be cleared of all plans for the foreseeable future.
Step Two: Brush Up On The Lingo
Sometimes it can get a bit hard to understand the hot singletons gossiping around the villa. That’s because they all seem to bring a new bit of lingo with them each year. If you want to know the difference between a cream pie and pieing someone off, we suggest you take a look at our _.
Step Three: Get The Group Chat Ready
There’s no better way to watch Love Island than with all your GF’s together analysing everything that’s going on and taking to social media to share such opinions. But between busy lifestyles and the fact that the show is on every single night it can be hard to get together. That’s why we love a Love Island group chat- the ultimate way to keep up with the goss!
Step Four: Get The Snacks In
To make sure you don’t miss a second of grafting, pieing or all of the above, it is essential that you surround yourself with snacks. There’s no time to do the kitchen run in between toilet breaks and catching up with the group chat and social media. Just make sure you’re prepped! We also recommend a mojito (mocktail or otherwise) for major Islander vibes.
Step Five: Mentally Prepare Yourself For Unlimited Memes, Inside Jokes, Catchphrases And Hot Bods
Like we said, Love Island is more a life choice for the duration of the Summer rather than just another T.V show. To fully immerse yourself in the Love Island frenzy you have to be prepared for unlimited memes, inside jokes, catchphrases and the totally gorge bods that could walk through the door at any second. Like The Flack says: it’s going to be a long, hot Summer.
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