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Katch Me's Guide To Love Island Lingo

Alex KM

Posted on May 29 2019

Okay babe, it’s not long till Love Island returns to our screens and if you haven’t watched the previous series’ where have you been hun?! With a mixed bag of people from all over the UK thrown into a luxury villa in Mallorca, it’s no surprise that we sometimes think they are talking a totally different language! But don’t fear gal. We’ve created a Love Island Dictionary to get you up to speed with all the Love Island phrases ahead of the new season.

My Type On Paper
Origin: Unknown
Explanation: When someone ticks all the boxes on your “dream guy” checklist but something ain’t clicking in real life.
Used in a sentence: “I mean I just can’t get over it, he’s so my type on paper.”
Eggs in Baskets
Origin: Unknown
Explanation: So imagine there are three guys: Guy A, Guy B and Guy C. You’ve got ten counters. You can choose to put a few counters in all three guys directions and play the field or you can put all your eggs in one basket by putting all ten counters in front of the guy of your dreams.
Used in a sentence: “I don’t know babe, do you really want to put all of your eggs in one basket?”
Origin: The Islanders
Explanation: We’ve all experienced this one before, girl. When a guy gets really clingy and soppy over you he’s becoming a bit of a melt. Not to be mistaken with how the Islanders are feeling in the hot Spanish sun.
Used in a sentence: “I just don’t get why he’s being so a melt around you.”
Origin: Unknown
Explanation: When you’re really excited and happy about something. In the world of Love Island, this is usually used in reference to The Hideaway, new islanders, or when someone agrees to be boyfriend and girlfriend.
Used in a sentence: “I’m absolutely buzzing there are new boys coming into the villa!”
Origin: Unknown
Explanation: You know when you’re in a club and there’s a guy chatting you up for what seems like a lifetime, some may say he’s putting the graft in. To graft can also mean putting manual work in, but we all know our Islanders won’t be doing this over their nine-week vay-cay.
Used in a sentence: “I’ve been grafting her all morning!”
Cracking On
Origin: Unknown
Explanation: A term usually used to motivate someone with a task in hand. In Love Island context it basically means to start a romantic relationship with someone.
Used in a sentence: “Yea, so we’re over now so you two can carry on cracking on.”
Origin: Newcastle
Explanation: A phrase no gal wants to use. To be pied is basically to be dumped.
Used in a sentence: “I can’t believe he just pied me! I really liked him!”
Mugged Off
Origin: TOWIE
Explanation: Perhaps even worse than being pied, being mugged off is to be disrespected or played.
Used in a sentence: “He’s just proper mugged me off with those girls in Casa Amore!”
Origin: Essex
Explanation: A really good-looking guy or gal. Let’s face it, this may be the biggest compliment to get on the Island.
Used in a sentence: “Have you seen the new girl? She is an absolute sort!”
I’ve got a text
Origin: The Islanders
Explanation: This phrase can mean one of two things. A.) A treat is about to be given to the islanders and everyone will be happy. B.) A bombshell is about to drop and tea is about to be spilt. Either way, we love it.
Used in a sentence: “I’VE GOT A TEXT!”
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