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Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving The House

Alex KM

Posted on May 01 2019

Okay girl, no excuses, Easter is officially over and if you have not finished all those Easter eggs by now then what on earth have you been doing?! We’ve got to admit, after a huge chocolate binge, here at KatchMe HQ we’re almost looking forward to getting back into shape (we said almost!). We know that the gym can be so time-consuming for our busy babes and that’s why we’ve put together our fave workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home! No excuses now babe!
Why not burn those egg shape carbs with some staple cardio workouts. We’re obsessing over dance workouts- not only do they have us working up a sweat they can be fun too! Well, as fun as any form of exercise can be!
It seems like Summer is just around the corner, but those abs seem a million miles away. But fear not! Bowflex have released a home workout that does not even require you to get down and dirty on the floor and lasts only six minutes!
Want to get the bum of your dreams?! We know you do babe, that’s why we’ve found you the perfect workout you can do in your home, no equipment required! You’ll have the peach of your dreams in no time!
You heard it here first babe, Zumba was not a craze. We are still living for this dance workout that not only lets us burn the carbs but has us practising our dance moves for the weekend too!
This one is not so much of a workout but more like inspiration from the hottest man on the planet- Mr. Zac Efron himself. Get fit and see Zac Efrons abs at the same time? It’s a win win in our eyes!


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